California Screw Products (CalScrew) was founded in 1965 to meet the needs of the aerospace industry for high-quality, high-precision aerospace fasteners.  

CalScrew is AS9100 REV D certified through Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Management System, and maintains its association with Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI).  We are proud to maintain a well-deserved industry reputation for quality and on-time delivery of our aerospace fasteners to a broad customer base.  We pride ourself on our loyal, highly skilled employees who are the key to our continued performance excellence as we serve some of the World’s top aerospace companies.

June 2020

Shimtech changes its name to Avantus Aerospace as the group continues to expand its capabilities and companies, which now incorporate all C-class parts manufacture and  detailed composite production.

May 2015

The Shimtech Group was purchased by Inflexion Private Equity and Auctus Industries.

Founded in 1965

California Screw Products, Inc. (to be popularly known by all as CalScrew) is founded.  

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