Mechanical Testing

At California Screw Products, we possess a range of testing capabilities, which allow us to offer aerospace clients fasteners which meet their quality specifications and delivery expectations.

As part of the Avantus Group, led by Avantus Aerospace, CalScrew is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of high quality, high value fasteners which meet the specific needs of the aerospace industries. In order to help ensure the quality that our clients and the industry expect. 

Torque Testing

Precision is critical within the aerospace industries and the use of fasteners allows for the creation of secure joins which allow for the expansion or redaction of material while withstanding environments typical of aviation and military products, such as extreme temperatures and high levels of vibration.

Tensile Testing

Led by our dedicated team of specialists, tensile testing helps to ensure that products meet industry standards in terms of tensile strength. Because tensile strength is so critical within the industry, tensile testing is one of the most commonly deployed tests across aerospace component manufacturing. By allowing engineers to determine the precise point at which a part will submit to force, tensile testing enables us to forecast how parts will interact with other components in a range of environments and under different pressures. This, in turn, allows us to ensure that each fastener that leaves our production line is able to withstand the specific stressors to which it will be submitted.

Fatigue testing

Determining the fatigue point of a specific product is a mechanical process that has been used for more than 200 years. Fatigue refers specifically to structural changes that occur at a particular point as a result of excessive or repeated wear or force. The fluctuating pressures associated with the aerospace and defense industries mean that fatigue is commonplace, so it is necessary to determine the point of initial fatigue damage as well as the progression of such damage, and the point at which a complete fracture occurs. By determining this fatigue strength, it is possible to ensure that parts will withstand even the most extreme conditions and, in the event that they don’t, engineers can ensure that parts are replaced before progressive fatigue or sudden fracture occur.

Stress Durability Testing

The aerospace and defense industry requires absolute precision; an irregularity or flaw that may go unnoticed in other circumstances could have catastrophic implications when applied to aviation or military construction. Stress durability testing allows engineers to determine the impact of product methods, including exposure to hydrogen, on the workpiece. Samples of each production run are stressed or torqued and held for a set period of time before damage is assessed.

Industry accreditation

At California Screw Products we ensure that all of our processes reach our high standards, as well as meeting or surpassing industry standards, including AS9100 REV D and ISO 9001. We aim to offer each client a tailored service, which allows us to meet, or exceed, their expectations in terms of lead- time, quality and value, while adhering to industry requirements.

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