Blast & Glass Beading

California Screw Products’ extensive capabilities include a range of finishing processes, including glass beading.
The production of high quality specialty fasteners involves a series of phases, beginning with the careful selection and sourcing of the most suitable materials, and ending with the finishing process. At California Screw Products (CalScrew) we apply the same levels of care and attention and every stage. We possess relevant certifications including AS9100 and ISO9001, and we operate in compliance with DFARS 10 USC 2533b(h)(3), which ensures that at least half of all specialty metals purchased are from domestically melted specialty metals.

Glass beading
Blasting is commonly used within the engineering industry to clean and smooth the surface of a completed part. Glass bead blasting entails firing abrasive fragments at a workpiece at high speeds. The process effectively removes burrs, dirt and debris, while offering a smooth finish. There are several different materials that can be used to undertake blasting, however, glass beads are often the preferred choice as other products, such as silica, produce toxic particles.
Depending on the levels of smoothness required, glass beads are fired at a component at a pressure of between 40 and 80 psi (pounds per square inch). The process can take some time to achieve the desired finish, as glass is not as abrasive as other blasting materials, but the beads can be reused multiple times, which make them more cost effective.

Appropriate uses
The cost effectiveness of glass bead blasting, combined with the improved safety of using glass beads, make them a preferred choice in many instances. If a textured finish is required, glass beading is not the most appropriate process; the glass beading itself doesn’t mark the surface of the metal but leaves a completely smooth surface. Therefore, glass beading is appropriate for improving tensile strength via peening, as well as for finishing the surfaces of metal fasteners that will then be painted or powder coated.

A tailored service
At CalScrew, we recognize that every customer is different. Our technicians will recommend the most appropriate materials and processes to meet each client’s needs as well as those of the industry.

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