Fillet Roll

With nearly 55 years of experience providing high quality specialty fasteners for world-leading OEMs, at California Screw Products, we offer a full range of operational functions.
We at CalScrew are committed to providing customers around the world with a high-quality service, both in terms of the products that we manufacture and the customer service experience. As a leading provider of high-quality fasteners, we are proud to be part of the Avantus Group, a family group of organizations who specialize in providing C-class parts, composites and assemblies designed to withstand the extreme environments of the aviation and defense industries.

A range of finishing processes
Aerospace fasteners must be made with precision in a manner that enables them to withstand the stressors typically associated with the industry, such as extreme temperatures, damp, chemical or UV exposure, high shear weight and high levels of vibration. The finishing process doesn’t just impact the aesthetics of a product, but makes it better able to function as required, removing surface impurities, adding additional resistance to known stressors, or improving the tensile strength of the product.

Fillet rolling
Fillet rolling metal offers both cosmetic and functional benefits by providing a smooth finish and improving fatigue strength. The process of rolling over the surface of a part at high pressure compresses the surface layers, which can improve the surface strength by up to 200%. This not only improves the part’s performance and safety but offers long-term savings as the part does not need to be replaced as often.

High quality fasteners
When it comes to aerospace and military engineering, every part has an important role to play, regardless of its size, location or cost. Therefore, it is critical that every fastener is designed, created and finished to meet industry requirements, as well as customer needs. Every fastener produced in our state-of-the-art facilities adheres to our own strict standards, as well as industry certifications including AS9100 and ISO9001. What’s more, our comprehensive in-house capabilities allow us to offer an end-to-end, cohesive service which enables our clients to enjoy the outstanding quality and value for which we are renowned.

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