From our state-of-the-art facilities in Paramount, California, we at California Screw Products offer end to end fastener production services, including surface grinding.

When it comes to procuring C-class components, assemblies and fasteners, global OEMs must prioritize quality and efficiency; failure to do so could result in serious consequences. With four decades’ experience serving leading defense and aerospace organizations, California Screw Products has developed the capabilities to offer clients end to end product design, production, quality control, and finishing services, which allow us to offer unrivalled quality, value and precision – every time.

CalScrew was established in 1965 and acquired by Avantus Aerospace in 2020. As a result of considerable ongoing investment, we are proud of the extensive fastener production capabilities offered by our skilled teams.

Metal grinding 

As metal grinding capabilities have continued to develop, the process is no longer used solely to achieve a smooth surface finish; the process offers high accuracy and is relatively low cost, making it appropriate for fastener production.

A tailored service

Having a range of technology, skills and resources at our disposal means that CalScrew’s technicians and engineers are able to recommend the most appropriate methodology and product specification to meet each client’s individual needs, rather than being limited by limited resources and capabilities. CalScrew is certified to AS9100 Rev. D and ISO 9001 however, we endeavor to exceed industry standards as well as our clients’ expectations as we make recommendations based on our extensive experience and resources designed to meet each client’s needs, regardless of the size or complexity of their request.

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