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At California Screw Products, we possess a full range off capabilities, including thread rolling, to enable us to deliver a high quality service to clients around the world.
California Screw Products (CalScrew) is part of the Avantus Group, a collection of organizations located in the US, and UK who specialize in the provision of C-class components, assemblies and composite parts designed and produced to meet the high standards of the aerospace and defense industries.

Thread rolling
The military and aviation industries demand exceptional levels of precision and strength; failure to meet these demands can have significant consequences. Thread rolling is a preferred choice for manufacturing parts for production defense and aerospace engineering parts, because the process is highly repeatable and offers extremely high levels of accuracy.

The process involves reforming workpieces in thread rolling machines, which possess a range of dies to reshape the metal workpiece. Thread rolling is a cold forming method, which means that the metal is worked on at room temperature. Stainless steel dies are used to reform, reshape and penetrate a metal, composite or non-metal shaft.

State of the art technology
At CalScrew we have an ongoing commitment to delivering excellence within our industry. As part of this commitment, we continue to invest in industry-leading technology, including advanced thread rolling machines. This range of technology, combined with the extensive experience of our technicians, enables us to offer clients a tailored, service, regardless of the size or complexity of their requirements.

In-house processes
While many manufacturers rely on outsourcing some processes to meet customers’ needs, CalScrew’s in-house capabilities allow us to offer an unrivalled service to our clients. Every stage of the process, from design consultation to surface finishing, is undertaken in-house. Our dedicated quality assurance team ensures the quality of each order at every stage of production, while our cutting edge communications technology offers clients real-time updates on their order saving time and saving money, without compromising on quality.

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