We at California Screw Products appreciate the need for precision and quality, which is why we are leaders in the production of specialty fasteners for the aerospace and defense industries.
Established in 1965, and located in Paramount, California, at California Screw Products (CalScrew) we are proud to serve OEMs around the globe, including world-class aerospace companies, defense contractors, electronics firms and aircraft manufacturers.

In-house capabilities
Thanks to our continued commitment to innovation and quality, at CalScrew we possess a full range of in-house capabilities. This means that every step of the process is streamlined, without needing to outsource. The result is reduced lead time, a more cohesive production experience and high quality guaranteed throughout. From sourcing the best metals, to production, metal trimming and finishing, every stage is undertaken with precision and efficiency, leading to improved quality and time and cost savings for our clients.
Quality assurance is central to every process, with QA being undertaken throughout the production lifecycle. By embedding QA in the production process, our dedicated in-house QA team members are able to identify and rectify potential issues with minimal waste and stoppage time.

Metal trimming
Trimming metal can be an important part of the fastener manufacturing process, ensuring accurate dimensions and removing uneven edges. 

World-class customer services
At CalScrew, our service extends beyond producing high-quality fasteners. Customer service is a high priority to us and by ongoing training and regular customer satisfaction surveys we ensure that all of our customers, regardless of their size and location, are subjected to the outstanding customer experience for which we are known. This is aided by our state of the art communications system, which provides customers with real-time updates on the status of their order, allowing them to plan effectively.

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