Crowned Hexagon Bolt

With more than 55 years’ experience producing high-quality specialty fasteners to clients in the aerospace and defense industry, our portfolio includes a wide range of bolts, including crowned hexagon bolts.
We at California Screw Products (CalScrew) are widely known for the quality and precision that we bring to every client, regardless of the size or complexity of each order. When it comes to military aviation, every part plays a critical role, and by specializing in the production of fasteners, we can make sure that even the smallest parts reach the exacting standards of the industry.

Crowned hexagon bolts
Crowned hexagon bolts are used in a range of situations, but are critical in aerospace engineering, where parts are subjected to extremely high levels of vibration and are, therefore, more susceptible to being shaken loose. Crowned hexagon head bolts are better able to withstand high levels of vibration due to their shape, and a small ridge beneath the head. The hexagonal shape of the head allows for high torque to be achieved while tightening the bolt, and the square ridge under the head penetrates the counterpart and the bolt from rotating during the last phase of tightening, thereby offering greater resistance to vibrations.

A tailored service
While we have capabilities to produce a wide range of hexagon bolts as standard, at CalScrew, we work closely with each customer to make sure that we meet their requirements as well as adhering to industry standards. All of the bolts in our portfolio can be adjusted to meet those needs, in terms of material, dimensions, head size, thread size, finish and more.

Our certifications include ISO9001 and AS9100 REV D, and our comprehensive, in-house quality assurance processes see the quality of each product monitored at every stage of production. Communication is important to us, and our state of the art information system allows clients to gain real-time information about the status of their order, giving them complete transparency from first consultation until the parts are installed.

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