High Strength Cold Worked Hex Bolt

As industry leaders in the provision of specialty produced fasteners, we at CalScrew have produced more than 25,000 different part numbers for global aerospace and defense clients.
Based in Paramount, California, California Screw Products (CalScrew) was established in 1965, specializing in the production of precision-made fasteners designed to meet the extreme environmental stressors that are typically associated with the military and aerospace industries.
Today, CalScrew is part of the Avantus Group, a family of organizations, led by Avantus Aerospace who, together, offer unrivalled capabilities in terms of facilities, knowledge and skills.

Cold worked hex bolts
Hex bolts are a mainstay of aerospace engineering and are used in a multitude of situations where a light drive fit is allowed, and which involve shear loads or torque. At CalScrew we offer a range of production methods which allow us to tailor our services in accordance with clients’ needs in terms of functionality, strength, cost and weight. With capacity to hot and cold form fasteners, our production methods are led by the needs of our customers and the requirements of the industry, which means that we are able to offer the best value and highest quality without compromise, and without having to outsource processes.
Cold working is appropriate in situations where the product is not hugely complex, but where strength is critical. Cold worked hex bolts are formed at room temperature by using dies to remove parts of the workpiece to form the desired shape. Cold head working can be precisely repeated to a large scale and because the metal doesn’t need to be heated, the structural characteristics of the metal are not affected.

A tailored service
We at CalScrew have a host of cold head hex bolts in our portfolio. However, we appreciate that each customer is unique and are therefore always happy to work with clients to adapt products to meet their needs in terms of elements such as overall dimensions, thread size and head size. In this way, we ensure that the best product reaches our clients, when they need it – without compromise.

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