Oversized Hex Bolt

At California Screw Products, we call upon our extensive experience and cutting edge technology to provide high quality specialty fasteners to global leaders in the defense and aerospace industries.
California Screw Products (CalScrew) is a member of the Avantus Group. Led by Avantus Aerospace, the Avantus Group consists of industry leaders in the production of C-class and composite parts and assemblies for the aerospace and defense industry, as well as a supply chain and logistics organization. Located across the United States and the UK. this group of organizations works to optimize industry standards and provide customers around the globe with an unrivalled service.

Oversized hex bolts
As a crucial component in aerospace engineering, it is essential that hex bolts are made to extremely high specification and accuracy. The materials chosen to manufacture the standard and larger hex bolts must be highly appropriate for the environment and the exact purpose of the bolt within the airframe.  At CalSCrew, we have both the expertise, gained over decades of working in the aerospace industry, and the technical capacity to produce overhead hex bolts designed to meet each client’s precise specifications.

Our expertise
CalScrew has been working with the leading aerospace manufacturers for decades and has the experience to provide the support and advice to ensure that we meet all your requirements for the production of both standard and oversized hex bolts.  We employ lean manufacturing techniques to ensure we are constantly driving down waste and lead times, optimizing quality and improving efficiency. For our customers, this means we are highly reliable in delivering high-specification parts to their production lines or warehouses, enabling them to maximize efficiency, safety and productivity.
At CalScrew, we strive for efficiency and, while outsourcing may be convenient to some businesses, we recognize that it is not always the most time or cost-efficient choice for our clients. Our comprehensive in-house capabilities allow us to maintain the high standards for which we are known while ensuring that products arrive, certified and checked, when they are needed.

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