Socket Head Bolt

With more than 55 years providing specialty fasteners to the aerospace and defense industry, at California Screw Products we have the capabilities to meet our clients’ various needs.
At California Screw Products (CalScrew) we are proud to be part of the Avantus Group, a family group of organizations who specialize in the provision of C-class components and assemblies designed to withstand the extreme stressors typically associated with the aerospace and defense industries, as well as one supply chain and logistics business.

State of the art facilities
Located in Paramount, California, CalScrew is home to cutting edge technology and unrivalled expertise. Our skilled teams are equally comfortable utilizing new innovations as they are calling upon traditional techniques; their aim is to provide each client with the product and service that best meets their needs. CalScrew’s continued investment in skills and technologies means that we are able to meet those needs, without compromise.

Socket head bolts
With a large cylindrical heads, socket head bolts are high torque bolts which offer exceptional levels of strength. The size and depth of the hex socket head mean that they bolts have higher fatigue resistance, allowing for the bolt to be tightened to greater torque than most bolts.

A tailored service
At California Screw Products we understand that each client is unique. We also recognize that there is no room for compromise in the aerospace industry. Whilst we have a large portfolio of products, having produced over 25,000 different part numbers since we were established in 1965, our technicians will determine each client’s needs before recommending the most suitable product specifications, materials, design, production and finish processes for their needs. This may involve using a product that is within our existing portfolio, or it may mean slight modifications.
All of our products are subjected to in-depth in-house quality assurance processes and certified to relevant industry standards before being dispatched to the client’s warehouse or production line.

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