We at California Screw Products, along with our sister companies, are global leaders in the production of premium quality machined parts, including specialty fasteners. 
As part of the Avantus Group, we and our sister companies include supply chain and logistics solutions specialists and providers of C-class components and assemblies. Situated in the United Kingdom and the United States, together we offer a full spectrum of capabilities, allowing us to be industry leaders in the provision of aerospace and defense parts.

The t-bolt gains its name from its flat, straight head, which makes it resemble the letter “t”. Longer than an average bolt, the upper shaft of a t-bolt is unthreaded. With hand adjustment or machine adjustment possible, t-bolts offer versatility as well as precision, making them a good choice for convenience both on the production line and in the field. As a result of this flexibility, combined with the t-bolt’s considerable strength, t-bolts are widely used throughout the aviation production process.

A tailored service
With our long history of providing best in industry fasteners to global OEMs, at California Screw Products (CalScrew) we are able to precisely manufacture a range of t-bolts designed to meet each client’s specific needs, while adhering to industry standards. Adaptions can be made in every element of the bolt’s specifications, including shaft diameter, thread size, material, head size, manufacturing process and finish. In this way, we ensure that our clients’ needs are met or exceeded, without compromise.

In-house processes
We at CalScrew possess a full complement of in-house processes which allow us to provide a seamless, timely service to clients. Our quality assurance processes are run by a full time, dedicated team of skilled staff, who call upon a range of industry-leading techniques and technologies to ensure that every product that leaves our facilities meets our exacting standards.

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