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12 Point Head Bolt

At California Screw Products, we pride ourselves in providing global aerospace and defense customers with high quality fasteners designed to meet their needs.
From our state-of-the-art facility in Paramount, California, we at California Screw Products (CalScrew) produce a wide range of fasteners, including 12 point head bolts. All of the 12-point bolts that we manufacture are designed to meet our clients’ exact needs as well as adhering to industry standards. In order to achieve this, CalScrew is committed to promoting best practice in the industry and we possess a range of accreditations, including AS9100 and ISO9001.

Part of the Avantus Group
CalScrew is part of the Avantus Group, a collection of industry-leading organizations, led by Avantus Aerospace. Each organization is a leader in their own market and, together, we bring together a portfolio of companies that can provide global OEMs with the services that they need, when they need them.

12-pin bolts
12-pin bolts are widely used in aerospace engineering as they allow for bolts to be driven tightly and at high force. Referred to as a ferry bolt or 12-point flange-head cap screw, the flange diameter and head thickness of a 12-pin bolt are similar to standard socket head cap screws. These comparable characteristics enable the use of 12-pin bolts in situations where a socket head cap screw would normally be used.

Because the head of a 12-pin bolt has multiple sides, it is easy to obtain a secure grip on the bolt. This allows for extremely high torque to be achieved either manually or by a machine, making the bolt a preferred choice in situations where strength and weight are important factors but limited space is available.

Unrivalled customer services
At CalScrew, we are not just known for our high quality products, but for our unrivalled customer services, which see us working closely with clients around the globe to deliver or exceed expectations, regardless of the size or complexity of their order.

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