Flat Fillet Screw

As part of the Avantus Group, a family group of world-class providers of C-class components, composites and assemblies, we at California Screw Products manufacture fasteners designed to meet the stringent needs of the aerospace and defense industries.
With a portfolio containing more than 25,000 different part numbers customized to meet our clients’ specific needs while adhering to industry regulations, we at California Screw Products (CalScrew) manufacture a broad range of fasteners, including flat fillet screws.

Fillet head screws
The fillet is the concave joint at the point where mating parts meet; in terms of fasteners, the under head fillet is the radius of the fillet at the point between the shank and the head of the screw or bolt. Flat fillet screws offer greater load bearing capacity and increased fatigue limit; by determining the optimal head size and fillet radius, it is possible to provide optimal strength to a join without adding excess weight; a balance that is critical in the aviation and military industries.

A tailored service
At CalScrew, we know that precision is of paramount importance, particularly within the aerospace engineering industry. Whilst we produce a host of screws and bolts as standard, we have capability to tailor products to meet clients’ individual needs. We are able to produce fasteners from a range of metals and alloys, and specifications such as size, head type, thread size and finish can be adjusted to offer the functionality required by the client while still meeting industry standards.

In house quality assurance
With full industry certification, including AS9100 REV D and ISO 9001, we undertake full in-house quality assurance processes at every stage of the production process. In this way, our skilled technicians can identify anomalies at every stage, helping to reduce stoppage time, wastage and, ultimately, production costs. Our sourcing protocols mean that our vendors and their performance are continually tracked, helping us to ensure that the quality of every product meets, or exceeds, industry standards.

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