Pan Head Screw

For nearly thirty years, California Screw Products have been providing specialty fasteners designed to meet the stringent requirements of the military and aerospace industries.
As part of the Avantus Group, a collection of industry leaders led by Avantus Aerospace, at CalScrew we are proud to offer a full range of in-house capabilities, including the design, manufacturing, finishing and testing of specialty pan head screws.

Pan head screws
In the aviation industry every part, regardless of how small or inexpensive it is, plays a critical role. One loose fastener or a substandard join could have potentially catastrophic consequences, so it is vital that every piece is tested and meets both industry standards as well as the client’s technical specifications.

Pan head screws are one of the many varieties of high-quality specialty screws produced by California Screw Products (CalScrew). With flat heads with rounded sides, pan head screws sit proud of the surface and are utilized in instances where a smooth finish isn’t required, or where it may be useful to have the screw head protruding for the surface, for example, for accessibility reasons. Like all screws, pan head screws are available with a range of different head types, including a slotted pan head or cruciform head. Slotted heads are typically used in instances where the screw may be removed and replaced often, while cruciform heads offer greater torque and, therefore, a more secure join.

A tailored service
At CalScrew we are aware that every customer is unique and, therefore, requires a unique service from us. Every part of our interaction with clients of all sizes, regardless of whether they are new customers or ones with whom we have an extended partnership, is intended to provide unrivalled clarity, quality and customer service. Our products are tailored to meet clients’ exact requirements in term of function, characteristics, and cost so that we may continue to provide them with the service that they deserve.

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