Reduced Flat Head Screw

At California Screw Products, we offer a complete range of specialty fasteners to leading aerospace and military customers around the globe.
Over the last 55 years, we have built strong relationships with industry leading OEMs, who trust California Screw Products (CalScrew) for our quality and reliability. Now part of the Avantus Group, led by Avantus Aerospace, CalScrew is among a group of world-class providers of C-class parts and assemblies, offering an unrivalled service to clients of all sizes.
There is no space for compromise in the military and aviation industries; one substandard part or assembly could have catastrophic consequences. With our extensive skills and experience, we at CalScrew ensure that every product, regardless of the size, cost or complexity of the order, meets our high standards.

Certified processes
We operate under full industry guidelines and have all of the relevant certifications including ISO9001 and AS9100 REV D. Our continuing investment to delivering industry-leading quality has seen us accumulate a range of certifications and processes which allow us to undertake full quality control at every stage of the production process. Our skilled technicians use a range of techniques and tools, including Tinius-Olsen tensile machinery, the Johnson Gage System and a host of metallurgical testing processes within our dedicated metallurgical lab.

Tailored products
At California Screw Products, we have made of 25,000 different part numbers for major OEMs across the world. We recognize that, although all aerospace and defense customers require the same standard when it comes to ability to withstand extreme environments, every client has their own needs. We offer a range of flat head screws as standard, including reduced head flat head screws, pan head screws and fillet screws. However, our skilled technicians work with each customer to determine what they need, further adjusting specifications where required to meet requirements such as functionality, durability, cost and weight.

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