Metallurgy Lab

From our state-of-the-art metallurgical laboratory, we form, treat, finish and test metal alloys and elements to form standard fasteners designed to meet requirements with the aerospace and defense industry.

Precision and quality are key in engineering, but the requirement for high quality and absolute accuracy is especially critical in the aviation and military engineering industry. Every component, no matter how big, small or relatively low cost, has a vital role to play and failure to fulfil that role can have catastrophic consequences. We at California Screw Products (CalSCrew) possess full industry accreditations and call upon more than 55 years experience and cutting-edge technology to ensure that every fastener that leaves our facilities is made to the high standards that we demand.

Metallurgical testing

Metallurgical testing is a vital process in the production of C-class components, composites and assemblies, allowing manufacturers to ensure that every component reaches industry standards as well as customer requirements.

At our metallurgical laboratories we undertake a range of testing, most commonly tensile testing, hardness testing and bend testing alongside macro and micrographic analysis. Macro and micrographic analysis allow us to inspect the precise details of the structure of a component, identifying any potential areas of weakness and ensuring that the metal meets the needs of the industry and the client, as well as our high standards.

Tensile testing is a common practice which allow our skilled technicians to accurately measure the strength of a material, part or join against a range of industry-compliant factors. The resulting detailed analysis of the product’s tensile strength allows clients to understand the appropriate uses and limitations of each product. By bending a component over pre-determined radii, it is possible to determine its ductility and identify weak points.

In-house processes

While many fastener producers outsource some of their processes, at CalScrew we possess full in-house capabilities, which not only results in reduced lead times, but ensures that every product that leaves our facilities meets the high standards for which we are renowned.

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