Alloy Steel Screws

California Screw Products produces high quality stainless steel and alloy steel screws and bolts designed to meet the intense environments often encountered within the defense and aerospace industries.
CalScrew has specialised in producing precision machined stainless steel and alloy screws for more than quarter of a century.  As market-leaders, alongside our sibling organizations in the Avantus Group, we work with major aerospace manufacturers worldwide. Our experience gives us considerable expertise, and we use this to our customers’ advantage to reliably produce the machined metal parts that meet their precise needs.  Additionally, we are constantly seeking to innovate to ensure that we meet our ambition to be the go-to supplier of high quality specialty fasteners.

A tailored service
We at CalScrew understand the need for precision, regardless of how small or low cost a component is. We are able to tailor the screws and bolts in our portfolio to meet clients’ needs in terms of strength and function. Our skilled technicians work with clients to determine the nest size, head type, thread size and material to ensure that their products meet or exceed their own needs, as well as those of the industry. To this end, we have produced more than 25,000 different part numbers, each of which is designed and manufactured to industry standards.
We possess a range of relevant certifications and associations that help us to stand out as industry leaders and innovators. We are part of the Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI) and our operations are AS9100 REV D certified via DNV (Det Norske Veritas) Management System, as well as being ISO9001 certified.

Outstanding customer service.
At CalScrew, we take as much pride in our customer service as we do in the quality of our products. Our cutting edge technical information system enables us to deliver unrivalled communications, shortening lead times while providing clients with real time updates on the status of their order.

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