High Strength Cold Pan Head Screw

At California Screw Products, we produce a range of specialty fasteners precisely designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace and defense industries.
California Screw Products (CalScrew) was established in 1965 and is now part of the Avantus Group, a family of industry-leading organizations who specialize in producing parts for the aviation and military industries. From our state-of-the-art facilities in California, we at CalScrew have produced over 25,000 different part numbers to meet clients’ exacting specifications while meeting the strict requirements of the industry.

Certified processes
Our production processes and QA controls are fully certified; we possess AS9100 and ISO9001 certification and all of our products are produced in compliance with DFARS (10 USC 2533b(h)(3)). Our designated Quality Assurance team undertakes our stringent system which ensures that all products are inspected and certified appropriately, with full order tracking available to clients via our cutting edge control system.  Ongoing vendor surveys ensure that every vendor CalScrew uses meets the organization’s own high standards, and ongoing testing at every stage of production allows for reduced production times and limited waste.

Cold forming
Our technicians are skilled at both hot and cold forming processes and will recommend the most appropriate process for each clients’ needs, while ensuring that the product meets industry standards. Cold formed pan head screws have a number of advantages, in that they can be produced without compromising on strength, as the process of cold forming doesn’t impact the strength of the material in the same way as hot forming does. What’s more, because the geometries of a pan head screw are relatively simple, it is easy to accurately mass produce high strength screws using cold forming.  At CalScrew, we have access to a range of capabilities, which allow us to choose the most appropriate technical methodologies to meet our clients’ needs, without having to compromise.

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