High Strength Cold Worked Flat Head Screw

At California Screw Products, we are proud to manufacture specialty fasteners designed to withstand the rigors of the aerospace and defense industries, including a range of high strength, cold worked, flat head screws.
Engineering requires strength and precision; in the military and aviation industries, this strength and accuracy is more critical than ever. The quality and design of every part, no matter how small or low cost, is critical and failure to meet industry standards could have catastrophic consequences.

High strength screws
The strength of a fastener is determined by a host of factors, including the material used, the manufacturing process, finish, and physical characteristics of the product. When producing metal fasteners, hot or cold working can be applied; the first offers high levels of precision by heating the work piece to high temperatures, thereby enabling the metal shape to be altered, while cold working involves working on the metal at room temperature, applying pressure to precisely create the desired form. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to mass repeatability, cost, complexity, strength and precision, and our technicians will be able to advise clients on the most appropriate manufacturing process to meet their needs.
If high strength is a priority, cold forming may be the most appropriate method, as the process doesn’t change the physical properties in the same way that hot working does. However, in the case of complex geometries, hot forming offers a level of precision that is not achievable through cold working.

A tailored service
With a host of pros and cons to using each material, production and finishing method, clients can call upon the extensive skills and experience of California Screw Products’ technicians and engineers. We understand that each client has different requirements and we match those needs with industry standards, including AS9100 REV D and ISO 9001, to ensure that every order, regardless of complexity or size, is made to our high standards.

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